Lottery Results

The advent of the UK lotto effectively saw the opening of the flood gates and since the first Saturday night weekly draw, there have been numerous other lottery games added providing players with many different ways to enjoy playing lottery games that attract massive jackpots and a host of other prizes. Checking lottery results has become a chore of anticipation for many, though, and some people leave their tickets for weeks before getting round to checking them against official lottery results.

UK Lotto Results

UK Lotto results are published in various places on the Internet although you should ensure that they are the official results and that the UK Lotto results you check are for the appropriate draw. There are both Wednesday and Saturday draws to consider and if you don’t play them both with the same numbers every time then you must make sure that you check the right numbers.

Euromillions Results

Euromillions results are hotly anticipated because of the size of prize money involved in the weekly draw European jackpot. While the UK Lotto attracts a typical Saturday jackpot of around £5m and Wednesday jackpot of around £2m, the average jackpot for the Euromillions is more like £13m and it has been known to rise above £100m during multiple rollover weeks.

Thunderball Results

The Thunderball game is played three times weekly and while the prizes are not as big as with the main lotteries is has still proven a popular game with many players. Thunderball results can also be found on the news, in newspapers, on the official national lottery website, and on teletext. There are also various other services that reprint or republish the results for anybody to check.

Daily Play Results

As the name suggests, the Daily Play lottery is played every single day and results are published on the official website. You can check other online sites to get the Daily Play results although some newspapers and even bookmakers may also publish the numbers so that you can find out quickly whether or not you have won.

Do you forget to check the Lottery Results?

If you play the lottery using a paper ticket then you can always take your ticket into a shop and ask them to check against the lottery results to see whether you’ve won. Alternatively, playing online or playing as part of an online lottery syndicate means that the numbers of all your tickets are automatically checked against the official lottery results and you will be informed by email or even text message if you have won any of the prizes.

National Lottery Syndicate

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